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Yes, I religiously read Eric Sink’s blog (Eric.Weblog()) and find the posts very optimal, extremely useful, and enlightening. In fact, Eric would be on my short list of CEOs to invite to a CEO Weekend Retreat.

So when he posted his Trip Report: SD West 2007 back in March and offered the Evil Mastermind shirts I took him up on his offer. I am always up for a free geek shirt. Just ask my kids who think my entire wardrobe is made of of geek-ware.

So here is my obligatory photo:

So have I sunk to the level of promoting someone’s company for the sake of getting a shirt? Sure, but I don’t promote products or companies unless I believe they service their clients well. I really like SourceGear’s SourceOffsite. It is a great product. If you are using Visual Source Safe (VSS) and need to access the source code repository outside of your network (i.e over the Internet via a VPN), it is a tool I consider indispensable. I consider it indispensable even when working with VSS on my network. It just plain works better than the VSS client.

I see Rick Borup got his shirt too and is making an offer to Southwest Fox attendees. Another Southwest Fox speaker Alan Stevens also got his shirt. Hmm, am I sensing a trend here? Maybe we won’t need speaker shirts! {g}

Interested in getting your own shirt? Go here… and they will be giving them away at Tech-Ed if you are in Orlando next week.

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