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Natural Disasters – Cubed

I watched a little coverage of the Katrina aftermath last night and this morning on television. All day it has bothered me. How can one man help out and do his part to help those in need? My head hurts thinking about this. I am a fortunate man because my family is safe and my home is not under water or blown to smithereens.

The story I am really having trouble listening to is the looting. Not only taking the food off the grocery store shelves, but taking the shelves?? Worse yet, looters shooting other looters to take the stuff they already stole. What the heck is this world coming too???

In the last twelve months humankind has witnessed three unbelievable natural disasters: the peninsula of Florida get ravaged by too many powerful hurricanes, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and now Katrina. I am not sure we will ever see this level of natural disasters back-to-back-to-back and can only pray it never happens again. It will take a decade to recover from this.

To make matters worse, local news coverage seems more interested in the US$3.30 a gallon gasoline prices we have here in Michigan. Sorry, I have been inside all day. For all I know it could be US$3.60 a gallon by time I head home. The oil companies should be ashamed of themselves. This is just an un-natural disaster triggered by greed.

OK, back to work so I can afford to drive home :) .

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