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ViewEditor v3.6 enters beta

I am happy to announce ViewEditor Professional v3.6 entered beta today. A small team of dedicated developers are hard at work testing out all the new features (and several bug fixes) included the new version.

New features added so far:

  1. SQL code window is now a normal program editor window when you are using a VFP Resource file (FoxUser), otherwise it uses the same editor window it has used since this tool was first released (fixed size to start). This allows you to retain the size and fonts you specify for the program editor.
  2. You can specify Default SQL code when you first edit the SQL in the SQL program editor. This new code defaults to the null character string, but you can change the default code on the Configuration page.
  3. The Validate SQL setting is saved between sessions instead of defaulting to “on” each time you start the ViewEditor.
  4. The AllowSimultaneousFetch view property introduced in VFP 8 can be set on the View Properties page when running ViewEditor in VFP 8 or higher on remote views with shared connections.
  5. The list of views and tables (when opening a view, or when copying columns to clipboard) are now ordered based on the collation sequence you select. This defaults to Machine because this is what the lists were previous to this release, but you can change the collation on the Configuration page.
  6. The main ViewEditor window is now resizable when using VFP 9 or better.
  7. Table and view selection dialog retains the position and size between ViewEditor sessions.
  8. Minor user interface tweaks.
  9. Added FAQs, macro expansion and view clauses, and made some improvements on the DBC-Specific Options Help topics.
  10. New version of the Help file includes Favorites page (based on upgrade to West Wind HTML Help Builder 4.0).

I expect the beta to last a few weeks, but longer if necessary. The product will be shipped when it is ready, not a minute before.

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