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Folder Size Manager (part 2)?

Home run! I am back in the PowerDesk fold and Size Manager is working as sweet as it was back in the good old days. The ease of managing disk space is back in my powerful little hands… again.

Thanks to Rick Borup who tested out Size Manager on XP to back up a not-so-confident sounding statement by the V-Com salesperson. The only glitch was V-Com sending me out into left field looking for a serial number to a product I purchased back in the early 2000′s. I purchased it online at the Ontrack Web site so they should have records of it. “That Web site is obsolete Mr. Schummer.” Duh! So use those old-fashioned database apps to look up my registration.

A couple minutes later they provided me a serial number which might be mine, or might be one made up on-the-fly. I don’t care because it worked and I was able to upgrade and once again I am a happy camper.

Then it hits me. They finally fixed this little useful tool after it was broken for a long time. Now I know how a couple of the ViewEditor alpha testers felt last week when I finally tracked down and fixed the sorting bug in the list of tables and views when picking columns to be copied to the clipboard. Finally!

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