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SednaX Admins Interviewed

Craig Boyd, Doug Hennig, and I (your SednaX administrators) have been interviewed by Andrew MacNeill on the first The FoxShow podcast of 2006.

If you’re interested in helping the Visual FoxPro Community improve Visual FoxPro through SednaX, this interview will give you details on what SednaX is, what it isn’t, and where its headed. The interview discusses the SednaX licensing, how you can submit project proposals, how you can participate in a project, various roles you can play, types of projects anticipated to be included in SednaX, how awareness can be raised, how projects will evolve, and several other SednaX related topics.

You know I am a big fan of The FoxShow. Head over to Andrew’s site and give The FoxShow a listen. You will understand a lot more about SednaX and some of the challenges and benefits of participating in the Fox Community extensions to Visual FoxPro. We live in exciting times.

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