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SednaX Proposal Template

Just in case you have not heard of SednaX, it is an umbrella code name for add-ons, extensions, and tools developed for Visual FoxPro 9.0 and beyond by volunteers. There is a SednaX site hosted on the GotDotNet site and already has over 400 VFP developers who are interested in creating and participating in the open/shared source products for the Fox Community.

Today Doug Hennig posted our first template for a formal project proposal. It is a simple document so developers can propose projects to be included in SednaX. You can read the official announcement on the SednaX site.

The process is straightforward. Propose a project, community will discuss on the site message board to see if it is viable and something which works in the spirit of SednaX, and something valuable to other Visual FoxPro developers. The administrators will evaluate the proposal and discussion to make a decision whether it will be accepted or not.

There are several really cool sounding ideas posted on the messageboard. We need people to take charge and fill out the proposal so we can get the process moving. We already have one example done for a real project so others will understand what we are looking for in a proposal. The OOP Menus is a popular idea and one we expect to be a successful project so we used it for the example.

The example and templates are in the download section on the site. Looks like people are already finding it and have already downloaded them. Excellent!

We are working on other document templates for the other aspects of a project (like technical specifications, project plans, code reviews, test plans, and more). While some developers might think this sounds a bit more formal than kicking out some code and posting it on a Web site for people to try, we feel strongly that projects will go smoother with a simple framework of software methodology to back them up.

If you are not already registered, please head over to the site and sign up. There is no monetary cost involved, just the time you invest in making the VFP development experience better.

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