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Wow, Jim Booth is speaking at Southwest Fox! Talk about an instant bonus to help you make your decision to attend this fantastic fall conference a no-brainer.

This is part of the super list of speakers Bob has on tap for – FoxPro Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Other speakers include Marcia Akins, Bill Anderson, Jim Booth, Craig Boyd, Mike Feltman, Toni Feltman, Tamar Granor, Doug Hennig, Claudio Lassala, Ken Levy, Andy Kramek, Cathy Pountney, an undisclosed guest speaker, and yours truly.

I will be presenting a new session I am developing called the Professional Developer’s Toolkit, and by popular request on last year’s evaluations – a revamped Fishing with a ProjectHook. Doug Hennig, Craig Boyd, and I are cooking up the conference keynote address, which should be both fun and revealing.

This was by far the best and highest rated North American conference last year and I believe this year is going to top last year. I hope you can join us in Tempe October 19th to 22nd, 2006. Registration is already open with Southwest Fox Alumni and user group discounts available.

I know I am geeked!

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