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Craig wasted no time jumping into demo after demo:
- Calendar control built out of a grid
- Histograms with gradients using GDI+
- Progress bars without ActiveX
- Scrollable forms without the scrollbar features
If you have been following Craig’s articles in The Guide to Microsoft’s Visual FoxPro on FLL creation and struggled with the concepts because it is C++, you probably can benefit from the live version of this series. Craig demoed code that intercepts a MessageBox and centers it and changes text on the buttons before it is displayed. This is all done with Craig’s *free* VFPEx.FLL. This FLL has a ton of functionality for VFP developers.
Next up is the popular and *free* VFPEncryption.FLL. This tool allows you to encrypt and decrypt strings and files. It supports a number of popular encryption types. The documentation is very impressive. There was a lot of discussion around this topic.
Then we moved on to regular expressions. Craig showed off his ability to extend the language to support regular expressions though another *free* (do you see a theme here {g}) FLL he created. His XML parser leverages the regular expressions FLL to parse apart XML. This tool is incredibly fast!
More to come…

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