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Next up is .NET integration with Visual FoxPro…
He created an ActiveX control in .NET (something you are not suppose to be able to do and is not supported). Craig created a toolbar/menu and later dropped this on to a VFP form and it works. This shows we can leverage any of the “cool” .NET controls and add it to a VFP form. Craig pointed out how this will be cool in the future with XAML. It could be the fact I have not eaten in 8 hours, but my head is starting to spin. {g}
Next we saw Craig create .NET code on the fly from Visual FoxPro, compile it and run it. All if this is done using the Vista Toolkit proof of concept he put together. He has the code inside a TEXT…ENDTEXT, passes the code to the a method on a COM wrapper he has in the toolkit, and the toolkit runs the code. This should come in handy to solve a problem I have interacting with the SQL SMO .NET assembly because Microsoft does not have a COM wrapper it.
The pizza is here, so it is time to break for dinner. Maybe my head will stop spinning.

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