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DataExplorer – CTP 4

I see in the CTP 4 (February 2007) readme file the list of things added and fixed to the Sedna Data Explorer is incomplete. Here is the list of changes made just for this release:

Bug Fixes:

  • None in this release (waiting for the Fox Community to provide feedback)


  • Return from Options dialog no longer collapses the treeview. (ER in CTP 3 Preview)
  • Menu Manager Dialog, Add-in Manager, Drop and Drag Manager – Double-click on the menu list brings forward the Script to Run page, and right-clicking on script editboxes will bring up script in program editor.
  • VFP Database Documenter – Has HTML option. HTML controlled by CSS in template (user maintainable)
  • Refresh button added to the main form just like Visual Studio Server Explorer
  • Icons now available on the main form buttons. Icons are compatible with VS .NET Server Explorer where appropriate.
  • Main form buttons now have user selectable properties on Option Dialog (show or hide icons, and separately set the Hot Tracking style).
  • Run Query dialog now runs selected text if user has selected text, otherwise runs entire query
  • Run Query dialog now displays query error message in the Messages tab, previously nothing happened if problem with query.
  • BROWSE form now adds records when Ctrl+Y keystrokes pressed for VFP data sources.
  • Exposed the location and file name of the Data Explorer metadata on the Options dialog so user knows where it is located.

IMPORTANT: To test the add-in enhancements you have go into the Data Explorer Options and press the Restore to Default button. I recommend you keep any connections you have and any third-party options added. This will load the new features into your DataExplorer.DBF metadata file where your connections are, as well as the add-ins, menus, and drag/drop functionality.

If you are interested in the list for CTP 3 (October 2006) you can check it out here.


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