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I am finishing the second full day of learning about Twitter and how this thing works. Observations so far:

  1. An interesting mix of characters makes it enjoyable to listen in. I definitely see the water cooler benefits for the folks working on their own. I have been out of the team and office environment for more than a year and miss the camaraderie.
  2. So far it has not been as distracting as I anticipated.
  3. Getting an applet to get tweets is definitely the way to go if you want to keep up with things. Turning it off is easy to do. Right now I am using twhirl because it seemed the most popular of the people I follow. First Adobe Air product I have used.
  4. Learning to write in short sentences is not as easy as I thought it would be.
  5. Short sentences not easy {g}.
  6. I am learning about FireFox 3 from several people jumping in the pool before I do.
  7. I am surprise to see Twitter put up pages about how it is too busy and to try later. This happens a lot. I would expect it to be scaled by now.
  8. Guy Kawasaki is a twittering madman and often off the wall. Different person than what you read on his blog.
  9. Alan Griver is a soda junkie, or it seems his day revolves around the choice of beverage he partakes in at work. I actually had a craving for a Coke the other day. Have not had one of those in a long time. I have been off caffeinated beverages for two and a half years.
  10. Craig Bailey is a caffeine junkie and has a new coffee maker in the office he worships.
  11. Rick Strahl actually takes vacation. I am surprised that this surprises me.

I am still not 100% sold on Twitter, but I am definitely not disliking it either. Time will tell.


After listening to a couple of friends swear it is not another potential BIG distraction, and being prompted by an email notification from Hentzenwerke with Whil’s take on Twitter, I have decided to listen to the chirping. At least give it a try for the short-term. New methods of learning is what this is all about. If I learn this is a waste of time, I still have learned something.

If you are interested in my brief ramblings, you can find me on

In case you are wondering what “tweeting” is, I posted the description on the ProFox list back a couple of weeks:

“Tweeting” is what Twits do when they post on Twitter. {g}

And for the record, I do not expect this to take away from the blogging (not that I have been doing much of this lately either with my crazy schedule). Blogs are way better in my opinion because I can explain things in detail when I have more than 140 characters to write.